Engines powered by fossil fuels will continue to dominate the world’s roads for years to come, with technical innovations continually reducing emissions, according to Bosch

Automotive innovator Bosch forecasts that the global market for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles will total 115 million units a year by 2020.

With that ambitious deadline in view, the company’s engineers and technicians are developing concepts and systems to produce even more efficient technology for diesel engines.

Vehicles powered by petrol and diesel engines will continue to dominate the roads for a long time to come. This will not be at the cost of the environment however — technical innovations are continually reducing emissions.

Bosch diesel components are found in passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and off-highway segments. These include the modern common-rail and exhaust-gas treatment systems, such as Departronic and Denoxtronic, which reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.

Bosch has invested many years work in optimising diesel drive systems. Adapted to all weather conditions, the engine and control system are configured to maintain a permanent safety clearance within the limits of feasibility.

State of the art diesel systems from Bosch, featuring Common Rail high-pressure pumps and injectors, made diesel more popular thanks to the fuel economy and smoother drive they offer. Bosch has to date fitted more than 50 million diesel injection systems as quality equipment worldwide, that means and incredible total over 350 million injectors.

The winning characteristics of commercial vehicles with diesel engines are their high mileage capability coupled with a long engine service life. For competent fleet diesel service and low-cost maintenance, with the support of a leading global supplier, rely on Bosch.

Bosch offers high quality parts, diagnostic technical solutions and technical training as well as Bosch Service franchised diesel workshops. Each new generation of vehicles arriving at the workshop features more sophisticated technical systems.

Innovative strengths, within Bosch, are realised through significant research and development investment and recruitment of the right people. Development of Bosch associates is important to realise long term growth. Each associate commits to a value system focusing on results through a work ethos of openness and trust, fairness, responsibility, reliability, initiatives, legality and cultural diversity.

Making Bosch automotive technologies accessible and affordable everywhere is one of our central aims. Another is continuously improving Bosch technologies to make driving clean and economical, as well as safe and comfortable. This is in line with our strategic imperative “Invented for life”.

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