When the CEO of the South African Express Parcel Association (SAEPA), Garry Marshall, was deciding on whether to participate in TruckX 2017, he knew he wanted to something which was different and exciting. Thus the ‘Speed in Suits’ challenge was born and it was a resounding success.

The premise of the challenge is to bring a number of executives together to compete against each other on a race track. While speed was an important judging criterion, the executives would also be judged on their handling of the vehicles. Ctrack by Inseego would use their technology to judge this aspect. Each contestant drove a test lap in a Hyundai H1 van with an instructor in the vehicle to provide them with some pointers before setting off on the lap which determined their place in the rankings.

Everyone involved in the event thoroughly enjoyed it. “It was a great experience. Following the event, not a single negative comment was received. Everyone had fun and was completely in the spirit of the challenge. We are keen to make it an annual experience,” says Marshall.

The inaugural event provided everyone involved with opportunities to improve the experience even more. “We used the first challenge to identify our strengths and weaknesses and we are going to use these to make the event even bigger and better next year. I am looking forward to Speed in a Suit becoming an annual event at TruckX that everyone can look forward to,” says Marshall.

The event ended off with a prize giving where the winner was announced. Marshall organized a number of additional consolation prizes for other participants. These included a prize for the slowest driver and prizes for the ladies.

The enthusiasm, that each executive and facilitator put into the event, did not go unnoticed. With the time demands and pressure executives face in their daily lives, taking a moment from your limited time to participate, is difficult. Despite this, this is exactly what the executives did and everyone involved was well rewarded for their efforts.