Innovative Staffing Solutions has joined hands with one of the largest medical aid schemes in South Africa to offer the company’s 5500 truck drivers the most affordable and comprehensive medical aid package in the country.

“Following months of negotiations, we have managed to negotiate an affordable medical aid plan for our truck drivers. Ordinarily such a plan would cost R1,900 monthly, making the cost prohibitive for truck drivers who earn on average R9300 per month. We have managed to negotiate the cost down to a very affordable R300 per month,” says Arnoux Maré, Managing Director of Innovative Staffing Solutions.

Millions of South Africans don’t have a medical aid and this puts pressure on the public health system. Statistics indicate that while South Africans visit a public health facility on average 2.5 times per year, there’s only an estimated one doctor per 4,219 people. The major reason that an estimated 44 million people don’t have access to private quality healthcare is the high prices associated with such healthcare.

One of the sectors that contributes greatly to the country’s economy is truck drivers, who are responsible for ensuring goods are transported throughout the country.

“Truck drivers are confronted with intensive working labour conditions, driving 50+ tonne trucks for long distances at speeds of up to 120 kilometres an hour. This means they are more vulnerable to road accidents and their overall state of health and wellness is vital to their performance. The health and safety of truck drivers also has an effect on other motorists, making their health an imperative consideration,” says Maré.
Innovative Staffing Solutions’ new medical aid plan is very comprehensive and includes amongst others, unlimited doctors’ visits within a network of approved doctors, basic pathology and radiology, ambulance services, medical procedures in GP rooms and more.

“The scheme also covers the majority of chronic diseases, and the medication for these chronic illnesses is included free of charge. Furthermore, the scheme also includes certain dental procedures with eye tests and free prescription glasses every 2 years. Members will also receive hospital cover for trauma up to R100 000 per year in the event of serious accidents,” Maré elaborates.

As a market leader in the field of outsourcing, Innovative Staffing Solutions, a subsidiary of Innovative Solutions Group wanted to have the very best options for their permanent staff with benefits that would ensure a great working environment.  This is why they decided to move away from the Industry’s wellness scheme, where truck drivers were previously covered by a limited healthcare programme that didn’t include hospital cover.

“The industry’s wellness plan failed to make sufficient provision for the truck drivers as it offered very limited doctor’s visits and no dental or optometrist cover to name just a few. We are therefore delighted that we have secured such a holistic and affordable scheme for our staff, not only to provide them with the best medical care in trauma or emergency situations, but also to ensure our drivers can afford to maintain good health,” concludes Maré.