Sustainable transport solutions that drive customer profitability are the driving force behind Scania Southern Africa’s partnership with The Shoprite Group which has acquired over 100 of Scania’s New Generation trucks powered by Euro 5 engines. “At Scania Southern Africa, we are leading the shift to sustainable transport solutions. Our Euro 5 advanced engine platform offers customers like The Shoprite Group proven 10% fuel savings coupled with lower CO2 and NOx emissions,” says Erik Bergvall, Managing Director, Scania Southern Africa. 

The partnership with The Shoprite Group has been a five-year journey. “At face value, we are two very different companies, operating in two very different industries but we share a commitment to driving sustainability across our business ecosystems,” explains Bergvall. 

Extensive demonstrations and road testing were conducted on the Euro 5 vehicles before the handover with a 10% fuel saving recorded across most applications. The impressive data from these tests lead to Shoprite’s final decision to purchase the Euro 5 G450 A6X4 tractors.

“Euro 5 compliance was a non-negotiable for Shoprite. We are happy that we could prove that our Euro 5 vehicles are an economically viable solution for them, delivering unparalleled fuel efficiencies and better aerodynamics,” says Bergvall. 

Shoprite’s transport system is extensive with a requirement for optimal performance in order for The Group to maximise cost efficiencies. “Shoprite values data as much as we do,” says Bergvall. “Data has driven our sustainability journey and allowed us to track, record and analyse our customers’ operational information to ensure we are able to constantly support both their sustainability and financial goals.” This data is also used to measure Scania’s performance against science-based carbon reduction targets. Scania was the first major heavy commercial manufacturer to commit to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to achieving the Paris agreement targets of limiting global warming to 1.5 C above pre-industrial levels.

“The good thing about these targets is that they draw a line in the sand for us, creating a clear route to reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” explains Bergvall. “This commitment includes emissions from our customers’ vehicles when in use, so to achieve our sustainability goals, we need to partner with like-minded companies, like Shoprite, who share our desire to create a better future for those who come after us.”

The Shoprite partnership will see Scania continuing to equip drivers with extensive driver training while tailoring Flexible Maintenance Plans that will maintain peak performance across the Shoprite Fleet. On-site servicing by Scania technicians will aid preventative maintenance while decreasing downtime. “When completing a sale, it is one of our core principles to ensure that the relationship is long-term with meaningful outcomes for our customers,” says Bergvall. 

To date, Scania has conducted 45 one-month tests using their Euro 5 vehicles with several different clients across varied applications. In all cases, the Euro 5 unit has been more fuel efficient than the customer’s existing trucks. “There are no compromises for our customers when adopting our sustainable transport solutions,” says Bergvall. “Our partnership with Shoprite is pioneering the way to a more sustainable future that will yield great benefits, not only to the transport industry but also to our economy, people and the environment.”