DealersOnline is an innovative company started by two visionary entrepreneurs who, 10 years ago, had the foresight as to how the South African vehicle market would develop in the next decade.

They used this expertise to start the online platforms DealersOnline and OnlineTrucks. DealersOnline currently inspects 500 000 assets and sells in excess of 50 000 vehicles per year.

The natural progression during the growth of the business was to digitise the paper-based processes. This led to the invention of various online and mobile applications which make a substantial difference in the fleet inspection, valuation and disposal process.

Do you know the real condition and value of your fleet?

DealersOnline have developed an innovative electronic inspection application that offers the most advanced independent fleet compliancy and auditing services, including Health and Safety checks. This ensures that your staff is safe on the road, any insurance claims are approved, and the risk of lawsuits is diminished.

One of the major advantages is the fact that this application captures the greatest level of detail ever achieved in the industry, thus supplying the client with an exceptionally transparent and unbiased view of the vehicle, including its value. Results of these inspections are available immediately after completion of the physical inspection by an agent, for the customer’s perusal and feedback.

DealersOnline employs a team of highly skilled appraisers who achieved the relevant qualifications within the vehicle workshop environment, and their combined experience gives the platform credibility and accuracy. These agents operate nationwide with the advanced valuation and inspection application, putting a mobile workforce at your fingertips.

This service combines mobility plus manpower to serve as feet on the ground, delivering real-time, efficient solutions customised to fit specific business needs. The DealersOnline inspection platform is without a doubt the most effective and user-friendly inspection platform in the market.

In addition to the key features outlined above, because our application provides a greater level of detail than ever possible before, the following other benefits provide a unique opportunity for your business to prosper and enjoy more efficient fleet management:

  • A uniform inspection process which addresses corporate governance issues.
  • Effective records kept of all vehicles, in a paperless environment.
  • Electronic driver signatures and information including driver’s license scanning.
  • Opportunity to take multiple photographs of the vehicle.
  • All these features are also available in Offline mode.
  • Location verified by image data (Geotagging).

DealersOnline will help you to determine the real value of your fleet assets in order to achieve better insurance premiums and optimum resale values. Our data warehouse spans over a decade of vehicles sales so we are well-qualified to consult on fleet acquisition and replacement schedules.

If you are unsure about the condition or value of your fleet, or have any Health and Safety concerns, this fully customisable framework is the solution for your business!

Maximising Fleet Disposal Profits (Transparently)

The DealersOnline auction portal has revolutionised the way fleet owners and corporates source and dispose of fleet assets, runners or non-runners. Since inception of this business in 2007, it has perfected the art of a successful and unbiased online auction, using the best available technology.

The nationwide online platform exposes your vehicles to thousands of pre-qualified buyers, thereby maximising profits in a transparent manner. An efficient and fair sales procedure and automated reporting system ensures a quick turnaround time, from stock to income, while being transparent, fully auditable and Consumer Protection Act (CPA) compliant.

They do everything for you!
This turnkey service covers the entire disposal process including inspection, collection, storage, insurance, cataloguing, marketing and PR, dispatch of assets as well as all post-sale and settlement requirements.

The results speak for themselves, with a 100% sales ratio for corporate clients over the past 10 years. Selling over 4 500 vehicles per month, they are the undisputed leader in the online auction business.

The advanced DealersOnline auction software also offers businesses the option to create their very own online auction platform as a definitive turnkey solution for disposal of fleet assets to their own staff.

They’ve been around for a while

DealersOnline have been providing online fleet services and technology for over 10 years, they know how fleet operations work, and are passionate about making great technology.

To take advantage of these fully customisable innovative services, visit or call William Miller on 083 310 2435 or send an email to