Due to fleet size and usage requirements, effective nozzle security has long not been a warranted or viable solution for operators of smaller fleets. Ressource Solutions has changed the status quo.

Most industrial users of large quantities of fuel will tell you that their most pressing fuel-related issue is the price of fuel. If you do some digging, it will not be too long before fuel theft and fuel misuse are mentioned. There are numerous complementary products and solutions that mitigate fuel theft and misuse. These include fuel management systems, tank gauging options, anti-syphoning products, and nozzle security.

Essentially, nozzle security can be applied using an electronic interface (e.g. RFID tagging) or a mechanical interface. Electronic interfaces are costly and require the support of relatively complex automated fuel management systems. Mechanical interfaces are far simpler and do not require the support of automated fuel management systems, making mechanical nozzle security a highly effective option.

Mauritius-based Ressource Solutions, has taken on this challenge and developed an effective and affordable nozzle security system, called PetroSecure, to the market. PetroSecure is locally designed and manufactured, and the numerous features include a patented anti-theft nozzle, lockable nozzle-to-filler combinations, filling point allocation and a durable mechanical design which has been tested in remote and rugged conditions.

“PetroSecure provides users with peace of mind and means an immediate reduction in fuel losses. PetroSecure is simple and quick to install, customizable and cost-effective for any size of fleet,” says Johan Pienewald, CEO of Ressource Solutions.

Ressource Solutions has made it their purpose to develop world-class hydrocarbon management systems that are both cost-effective and user-friendly. As an OEM Ressource Solutions markets its unique fuel management solutions under the PetroMan® brand, providing meticulous, real-time, measuring and reporting that allows clients to intricately control hydrocarbon quality and usage. Ressource Solutions continually develops and implements robust and up-to-date hardware and software platforms and has supplied FMS solutions to the mining sector, across Africa, since the 1990s. 

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